L&D Consulting Services

As your trusted partner in learning and development, Impact Talent can provide top quality talent development advisory services in alignment with your overall business strategy.

Our comprehensive range of Talent Development Consulting services include Training Needs Assessments, Custom Training Design and Delivery, and Return on Investment Analysis.  Our complete Project & Vendor Management services will enable you to have a single point of accountability for your talent management supply chain, and we will ensure your vendors deliver value, within budget and on time.  And with our proven expertise, we can serve as your complete Outsourced L&D Business Partner.

Identify key positions in the organization and determine the required competencies to successfully fulfil the roles.


• Stra​tegic Planning
• Position Analysis (JD + KPI)
• Competency Model


Conduct a talent capability review for employees serving in these positions to uncover gaps in their skills/knowledge and prioritize training needs.


• Talent Capability Assessment
• Personality Assessment
• Training Needs Analysis
• Talent Development Plan


Select from many inhouse or custom learning solutions across a full spectrum of topics, and create tailored learning journeys to fill the gaps.

• Learning Journey Design

• Courses Selection/Design
• Vendor Selection (If required)


Establish a delivery schedule for the learning journey, which can be a combination of group training and/or individual coaching, and can be delivered online or in person based on organizational requirements.


• Course Delivery

• Vendor Performance Management


Conduct learning impact assessments during and at the end of the learning journey to evaluate progress and measure return on investment.


• Trainer Evaluations
• Trainee Evaluation
• Return on Investment Analysis

• Final Report for Program