Impactful Leadership Courses ​​

Impactful Leader Competency Model 

Leadership skills are essential at all levels within the organization.  With 32 impactful leadership courses from four core competency areas, we can customize the right training solutions to meet all your talent development requirements.

Impactful Experimental Workshops ​​

At Impact Talent, we incorporate experiential learning in our workshops because it is a powerful way to help people identify changes required to their skills, attitudes, and behaviours, then implement those changes for better performance.

What is Experimental Learning?

Experiential learning is, quite simply, learning by doing and reflection.  We have all learned to walk or talk, not by being shown or told, but by practising and refining our technique.  Experiential learning is an active process which involves the learner, not a passive process that happens to the learner. 


By engaging the learner to actively take charge of their own learning, development, and performance improvement, they are made central to the learning process and become more deeply immersed in the training, which makes learning more enjoyable and more memorable.

The experiential learning cycle is a four-step learning process that is initiated through a tangible experience which demands reflection about the experience, abstract thinking to reach conclusions to interpret the meaning of the experience, finally leading to a decision to act by implementing what was learned into practice.

​The Mars Project - Synergy & Collaboration

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Practice functioning in silos and contrast this experience with working collaboratively
  • Understand why silos weaken team performance and undermine the overall organization
  • Explore why collaborative teamwork is the best approach for long-term  success
  • Create an individual plan to minimize silos and increase collaboration

The Jurassic Escape - Team Management

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn 5 fundamental team management skills
  • Practice the 5 skills in an engaging 'live' group project
  • Receive direct feedback on skill strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the challenges of being a team manager
  • Determine which skills one can apply to be more effective on the job

Thinking Outside the Box - Creativity and Design Thinking

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explore your own capacity for creativity in a fun and safe environment
  • Differentiate between creativity and innovation
  • Understand the value of managing task-driven and process-driven behaviours
  • Learn and apply a multi-step innovation process
  • Learn and apply a robust design thinking methodology for solving problems or capitalizing on opportunities in the organization

The Rocket Launch Misson - Project Management

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Experience first-hand the skills required to manage projects effectively
  • Understand the various challenges of project management
  • Realize how to leverage personal strengths to improve project communication
  • Learn how to apply a practical model of project management

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the four principle communication styles
  • Recognize each style's strengths and trouble spots
  • Learn how communication styles are perceived by others
  • Discover how to flex one's style to better communicate with others

Bridging the Divide - Breakthrough Communication
Conquer the Seven Seas - Successful Leadership

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn and practice the seven factors critical to effective team performance
  • Explore strategies to improve team performance
  • Identify and apply actions to real-life team situations

Executive Coaching Program

We can enable your leaders to significantly improve organizational performance.

Our one-on-one and group coaching solutions focus on the most important aspects of leadership and are tailored to your needs, delivering measurable personal and business results.

Develop Leadership Behaviour

Modify your leadership behaviours to multiply the performance of your people and maximize business success.

International Leadership Qualification

Impact Talent is the ILM Authorized Center in China

ILM is world's Largest Provider of Leadership Qualifications. Formly known as the Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM qualifies over 70,000 students every year, helping them develop the critical leadership competencies needed to succeed in their academic pursuits and career path.  ILM helps people develop the critical skills, knowledge, and personal abilities demanded in an ever-changing environment.